Details of multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6

Detailed inside view of multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6 Construction: The internal wiring of phase and ground is accomplished by 2,5 mm² - brass -massive rails and is designed in contrast to bulk-good end-to-end. Thus contact-resistance with voltage-drops and hum can be avoided. The connected cord is 2m long and consists of wires with 2,5mm² cross-section. The permanent power load is 16 Ampères or 3600 Watts. In the photo on the left side you can see the blue ferrite-ring which is wrapped by the mains wires. Contact between the Copper-wires of the connected mains-cord and the current-rails is done by silvered conductor sleeves. For avoiding contact-resistance, this multiple socket outlet does not have a switch.
Detailed inside view of multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6 Massive power rails: Here you see the solid connectors between the mains wires and the contact rails, which hold the pins of the inserted power-plugs very safe. The mechanical pressure is high, thus the contact resistance is negligible low.
Picture of construction mains-cord Construction of mains-cord: Standard length is 2 meters. Pure Copper wires, cross-section of 3 x 2,5 mm² with very low loss, transparent outside insulation above a dense shielding of tinned Copper.
Picture of angle-mains-plug (option) Angle-mains-plug: This version can be taken for example if there is only few space between the all-outlet and a closet. The additional price is only EUR 8,-