Details Component platform GB-RDC2

Picture of front Component platform GB-RDC2 Front of platform: The layer-structure of the 3cm thick base is clearly visable here. Pic. similar.
Picture of rigt front corner of platform GB-RDC2 Angle-finishing: The platform is completely finished with a nice angle around. Pic. similar.
Picture of bottom side platform GB-RDC2 View from bottom side: The three feet are fixed with drive-in-nuts into the base. Pic. similar.
Picture of turned-in RDC-2 coneTurned-in RDC-2 cone: The adjustment range for the feet is about 8mm, more than enough to align the platform horizontally even on an extremely uneven ground. Pic. similar.
Picture of turned-out RDC-2 cone Turned-out RDC-2 cone: Here you can see the counter-nut on the M8-thread. It schould be carefully fastened after finding te correct heigth of the cone. Pic. similar.

Picture of test-report STEREO February 2000 Test-report of german HiFi-magazine STEREO, issue February 2000:

Translation: RDC is a very light composit which was placed on top of the list of all tested feet. It took CD-players, amplifiers and speakers the sharpness in the high range and gave very dry bass-contours. No question: more sound quality for this little money you can´t get anywhere!

Conclusion: Highest effectivity and lowest price of all tested device-feet!