Details filter-powercord L100KF

detailrd picture of filter-powercord L100KF The high-quality components of the filter-powercord: Due to itīs universal device-plug, this cord can be connected to all british components, like Linn, Cyrus, Naim, Mission, Creek, Arcam, Camtech or NAD. These brands sometimes donīt need the protection-earth wire and thus only two holes are visible at the device-plug-end of the cord. Approx. 10cm apart from the device-plug, a ferrite-filter is placed. The shielding is interrupted below the ferrite to obtain full function.

Picture of mains-plug and device-plug Mains-plug and device-plug: The rugged mains-plug has a hole for taking the protection-earth-pin which is usual in some countries.

Inside view of mains-plug and device-plug Inside view of mains-plug and device-plug: The contact between copper-wires and plug-connectors is done by silver plated wire-terminators. All elements of contact within the plugs are corrosion-resistant and therefore guarantee a long live without increasing resistance.
Picture of powercord with US-plug Powercord with US-plug: This cord is terminated with a 3-pole mains-plug for the USA.
Picture of powercord structure Powercord structure: Cross-section of highly pure copper: 3 x 2,5 mmē, extremely low resistance, transparent coating on a high density shielding of tinned copper.
Picture of angle-mains-plug (option) Angle-mains-plug: This version can be taken for example if there is only few space above the multiple-power-outlet. The additional price is only EUR 8,-
Picture of angle-device-plug (option) Angle-device-plug: At some british HiFi-components the mails-socket is located at the bottom, here this version is useful. The additional price is only EUR 5,-
Picrure of Euro-powerplug (Option) Euro-powerplug: The additional price for this version without ground earth is only EUR 5,-
Picture of Euro-plug (Option) Euro-device-plug: The additional price for this version without ground earth is only EUR 5,-