Details Powercord L125

Picture of mains-plug and device-plug Mains-plug and device-plug: The rugged mains-plug has a hole for taking the protection-earth-pin which is usual in some countries. Due to itīs universal device-plug, this cord can be connected to all british components, like Linn, Cyrus, Naim, Mission, Creek, Arcam, Camtech or NAD. These brands sometimes donīt need the protection-earth wire and thus only two holes are visible at the device-plug-end of the cord. Pic. similar.

Inside view of mains-plug and device-plug Inside view of mains-plug and device-plug: The contact between copper-wires and plug-connectors is done by silver plated wire-terminators. All elements of contact within the plugs are corrosion-resistant and therefore guarantee a long live without increasing resistance. Pic. similar.

Terminal for connection of wires Connecting-detail: Here you can see one of the three terminals for the wire-connection. The screws are made out of copper, which is one of the best electrical conductors. In cheap products, these terminals and screws are often made out of iron, this metal has a remarkable worse conductivity.
Picture of powercord with US-plug Powercord with US-plug: This cord is terminated with a 3-pole mains-plug for the USA.
Picture of powercord structure Powercord structure: Cross-section of highly pure copper: 3 x 2,5 mmē, extremely low resistance, transparent coating on a high density shielding of tinned copper.
Picture of angle-mains-plug (option) Angle-mains-plug: This version can be taken for example if there is only few space above the multiple-power-outlet. The additional price is only EUR 8,-
Picture of angle-device-plug (option) Angle-device-plug: At some british HiFi-components the mails-socket is located at the bottom, here this version is useful. The additional price is only EUR 5,-
Picrure of Euro-powerplug (Option) Euro-powerplug: The additional price for this version without ground earth is only EUR 5,-
Picture of Euro-plug (Option) Euro-device-plug: The additional price for this version without ground earth is only EUR 5,-