Details Speaker cable LS300

Detailed viev cable lug 6-8mm Cable lugs for 6-8mm termination bolts: Here the outer connecting-value of 8mm and the inner connecting-value of 6mm at the high-end, gold plated shoes of famous brand Oehlbach is visible. This is the standard termination and will be delivered, if not announced otherwise.
Biwiring-version Biwiring-version: Here you see the same cable in biwiring-version.
Speaker-cable LS300 with cable lugs 5mm Cable lugs for 5mm termination-bolts: Here you see the smaller version with gold plated shoes.
Speaker-cable LS300 with Bananas Termination with Bananas (additional charge): This is the Biwiring-version with gold plated Bananas. An internal spread-spike holds the plug in the speaker- resp. amplifier-socket and thus provides lowest resistance.