Details Double-line-filter NFL100

Picture of Line-filter Construction of the Double-line-filter: The case is made out of black or light grey impact-resistant plastic. Inside two high-quality filter-circuits are placed (L-R-C -serial-parallel-network) with low-loss components in two separately shielded moduls. The cable protector against bending is also fixing the cord in the case. The filter is equipped with four ruber-feet at its bottom for slippery-free placing. The rugged mains-plug has a hole for taking the protection-earth-pin which is usual in some countries.

Techncal data:

  • Mains voltage: 230V/115V
  • Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum permanent power rating: 2 x 1.800 Watt
  • Maximum permanent current: 2 x 8 Ampère
  • Dimensions: 190x110x80mm (only case)

  • The connected cord and internal wiring has a cross-section of 2,5mm² pure Copper. To obtain a low resistance the cord is only approx. 50cm long and high frequency dense shielded. It has a high grade mains plug for best electrical contact. The component is connected via a black mains socket with cover. Visible is also the marking dot for phase idenification.

    Picture of construction powercord Powercord construction: Cross-section of highly pure copper: 3 x 2,5 mm², extremely low resistance, transparent coating on a high density shielding of tinned copper.
    Picture of angle-mains-plug (option) Angle-mains-plug: This version can be taken for example if there is only few space above the multiple-power-outlet. The additional price is only EUR 8,-