Assembly of plug and report from HiFi-magazine STEREO, issue April 2003

Single parts of Termination-Cinch-plug 75 Ohms Disassembled plug: Here you see the high-quality parts of which the plug is assembled. The plug can be - according to our stock - also delivered with black, white or without marking ring.

Report from STEREO, issue April 2003 Great tuning in small dimensions:
An unimpressive plug recovers hidden sound-potential - an important recommendation of the german HiFi-magazine STEREO!

... OPEN DIGITAL OUTPUTS. How can one improve the sound-quality of almost every CD-player in an easy way? Very simple: By "closing" their open electrical digital-outputs. It is almost free of costs, all you need is a 75-Ohm plug. The correct termination-impedance is very important for digital coaxial-outputs, because itīs their wave-resistance and thus avoids reflections and other negative influences on the signal in a perfect way. Sometimes you will encounter a component, for which the manufacturer has considered this helpful part, but this unfortunately is an exception.