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Location and goal:

The company AUDIO-TUNING-PITHAN is resident in the village of Bedburg-Hau in the german river-Rhein area, close to the dutch border and hundred kilometers northwest of Dusseldorf. We have the target to offer only accessories, whose advantages can be clearly recognized and reproduced by everybody and which brings permanent sound-improvement. All components come from famous german manufacturers and were not produced in far east. Every product is hand-made and has to pass a 100-percent quality-control before it is delivered to our customers. Thus you can be sure to get absolutely blameless goods.


AUDIO-TUNING-PITHAN was founded 2003 by graduated electrical engineer Reinhard Pithan, born in Siegen-Geisweid, Germany. After his education as physical lab assistant, army and attending technical college, he graduated a study of electrical engineering, branch communications engineering, at the University of Siegen. Early he discovered his passion for electronics and High-Fidelity in general as well as for speaker-buildig and High-End accessories in particular. Numerous people in the circle of acquaintances still hear nowadays with his speaker-projects.
More than thirty years of experience in this area is a perfect base for development and manufacturing of our products. In the meantime more and more music-lovers appreciate the extraordinary price-performance ratio of AUDIO-TUNING-PITHAN-products. An indication therefor is the continuously growing number of regular customers of ours. Reinhard Pithan is widowed, lives in a partnership and has a twenty year old daughter. If his limited leisure time allows, he enjoys riding racing bike, jogging, literature, listening Jazz and classical music. Furthermore, he relishes Scotch Single Malts and educational journeys.

Why are we less expensive than our competitors?

Here we can mention mainly two reasons:
1.) AUDIO-TUNING-PITHAN is a mail-order business. Due to direct-trading without intermediary agent and advertising, we can keep prices low.
2.) All prices are short-calculated without the unrealistic high profit margins you sometimes can find.


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