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If you are satisfied with our products, please let us know! A brief E-Mail with your impression is always welcome.
Since some products were launched short time ago, you will find only few or no opinions so far.

 23 opinions about    Powercord L125
   3 opinions about    Filter-powercord L100KF
 22 opinions about    Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6
   2 opinions about    Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL4
   3 opinions about    Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6S
   6 opinions about    Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL8
   5 opinions about    Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL10
   5 opinions about    Multiple socket outlet with overvoltage-protection and filter UNL6
 19 opinions about    Line-filter NFL50
 10 opinions about    Double line filter NFL100
 10 opinions about    Termination-Cinchplug 75 Ohms ST 75
   7 opinions about    Audio-cable PSK2-L100
   2 opinions about    Speaker-cable LS300

Picture of Powercord L125Powercord L125

„The cables are awesome, very good cost/performance ratio. They are absolutely recommendable and musically and visually superior to my cables from Sun-Audio. Thank you! In my opinion, the sound is outstanding“ 
Martin O., Nittendorf, Germany.
„The goods have arrived in proper condition. The investment was worthwile. Now the sound has more power. It is unbelievable that the sound can be enhanced by a powercord, at first I couldn´t believe that. Thank you!“ 
Henry D., Bad Segeberg, Germany.
„A big praise for the fast delivery of the powercord! First of all I have to praise the high quality of manufacturing! After buying several cords I must confirm that your cord is the best manufactured of all and worth every cent. Especially the core cable ends were missing at other sellers. Other competitors did not connect the shielding at the ground-wire - so it had no positive effect. And their prices were even higher. Conclusion: Best cost/performance ratio, best manufacturing, best sound, best operational safety, fast and secure delivery.“ 
Michael H., Berlin, Germany.
„Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. I have already written a positive feedback. Since this very professional manufactured cord sounds excellent, I would appreciate if you could make a quotation for the following parts...“ 
Thomas M., Wuppertal, Germany.
„I have received the cord today and already tested – now my equipment sounds much fresher and even-tempered, super! Thank you for the fast processing!“ 
Rafael M., Meschede, Germany.
„Hello... well i just recieved the power cord, its installed on my receiver and im pleasantly surprised by its performance....thanks very much !!!!!! “
Abel R., Houston TX, USA.
„Nice product. Very musical sounding. Good soundstage. Very spaceous sounding.“ 
Phillip G., Winfield WV, USA.
„I was very skeptical of the idea of of a "high-end" a/c cord, but your powercord has made me a believer! I could instantly notice a profound difference in both the clarity and detail of the music as well as increased bass and power. I would like to buy a few more powercords. How do I do this?“
James Hughes, New York NY, USA.
„I have received the cord today - very fast delivery! For its price the cord is unbeatible! It is not the world´s best, but for sure the best at this price! By the way, I don´t answer questions concerning the purchase of the cord, you have to contact the sympathic german salesperson yourselves. Thank you.“
Posting at a french HiFi-Newsgroup by Frederic M., Beziers, France.
„The wonderfull sound-cable has just arrived! Again a spatial improvement in my room-acoustic! Thank you very much, talk to you later!“
Christian A., Baden-Baden, Germany
„Mostly I was surprised by the powercord, The multiple socket outlet (from a sound-lab) and the power-amp with your new cord is really amazing. The price is absolutely unbeatable!“
Michael A., Berlin, Germany
„Very good product: Improvement of bass frequencies and more detailed sound! “
Giampaolo F., Roncaglia Di Ponte San Nicoló, Italia
„Hello Mr. Pithan, I am enthused by your power cord! I have connected my CD-player (Marantz CD 6000) and immediately realized: The cord gives more power and definition in the bass range and a slightly better fine-dynamic. But - most important for me - it cleanes voices in their keynotes, means, an artificial swelling, which especially was present in female voices, has disappeared, Voices now sound more free. My friend, for whom I have also ordered one of your powercords in December, is exalted as well. First class, especially for that low price! Two days ago I have compared this with another cord for which I should pay triple the price - there was no difference! Because of that I keep my opinion and like to order another one for my amplifier plus a multiple socket outlet with filter FNL10.“
Nikolaus B.,Muenster, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, today I have received the powercords L125 and I am enthused - both from its mechanical quality and from its considerable sound improvement together with my Burmester preamplifier and Audionet CD-player.“
Ralf K., Muenchen, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, I am testing your products since some weeks now (multiple socket outlet FNL6, line-filter and powercords). I am very enthused! My equipment now sounds more spatial and the music comes off much better from the speakers. Anyway it is a big benefit in sound-performance! To complete my equipment I order an Audio-cable PSK2-L100, 2x1m (stereo-pair). Best regards,“ 
Peter O., Pforzheim, Germany
„Hello, thank you very much for the fast and perfect processing of my order! I had purchased three powercords L125 and cut goods. The manufacturing, the material and the sound enhancement of my stereo-equipment have convinced me. I have to notice that the high-quality material of the power cord can be handeled very easy. From your website I took the deciding hints to build a multiple socket outlet the way I like it. With that configuration, finally I have a hard-to-catch hum-problem under control. I can recommend your products without exception! “
Roland R., Köln, Germany
„Hello, I am very satisfied with the delivered goods! I can hear a clear improvement with your cord, the line-filter and the multiple socket outlet! “ 
Stefan S., Herschbach, Germany
„Many thanks again for the fast shipment, I have already connected the cord to my stereo and I am very enthused!“ 
Nikolaus T., Nuernberg, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, the ordered powercords have arrived. First I was a little sceptical, because there is so much written about powercords and unfortunately also a lot of nonsense among it. A first hearing-test yesterday disabused me. It sounds more transparent. “ 
Manfred J., Unterhaching, Germany
„Hello, I am enthused concerning transparency and details! I like to order another one for my Linn CD-player! Thank you and best regards!“ 
Monika S.,Berne, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, I have connected your Lapp-cord right now (despite my old picup) and the ´Mind bomb´ from The The sounds really better in my opinion , more details and stronger bass. Perhaps it´s only imagination, but if I have a better feeling, the purchase is worth it. Now I am curious how the new pickup will sound.... Thousand thanks again and best regards. “ 
Eckard S., Ehingen, Germany.
„Unbelieveable sound-improvement! Everything o.k. See you. “ 
Thomas D., Aachen, Germany.
„Hello Mr. Pithan, the cables have arrived! Very good quality, I am exalted! Best regards “ 
Friedhelm S., Thornesch, Germany.

Remark: The reports from USA correspond to an equal cord, but terminated with US-mains plug on one side.

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Picture of Powercord L125Filter-powercord L100KF

„Dear Mr. Pithan, two days ago I got your Filter-powercord and can congratulate you to this splendid product! After exchanging my thin standard cord to the L100KF at the CD-player I heard several records and recognized immediately that the music now sounded more realistic and cleaner. In my opinion, the bass range and the high range as well gaine. Now they are comming with less sharpness than before. This cord has totally convinced me and is more than worth it´s money! Please make a quotation fot three more of these cords! Best regards “ 
Aloysius H., Altötting, Germany

„Hello, after connecting the new filter-powercord to my CD-player (SONY CDP777), I was a little disappointed because I could almost hear nothing of the promises qualities. The music (I prefer classical music and I attend concerts from time to time) sounded a little brighter than with my old cord without shielding. I thought, it has to be burned in. This was confirmed after some evenings of intensive and long listening. Well known records now come with more power, means, it definetly sounds more realistic and live-like - like in the concert-hall! I am very satisfied and think about buying another cord for my amp, especially the price is more then a bargain. Regards and Thank you“ 
Dr. Manfred K., Wuppertal, Germany

„Hello Audio-Tuning-team, the filter-powercords are first class!!! “ 
Stefan G., Erdweg, Germany.

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Picture of Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6 Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6

„The multiway connector is excellent, you didn´t promise too much! I realize a fine silky, transparent sound. The bass is much better and controlled now. Thanks your outlet I got it! If my wife recognizes the better sound, it´s good. And she did...!“ 
Werner S., Herten, Germany
„The difference is clearly hearable, everything is much better organized and clearer!...“ 
Hartmut A., Schondorf, Germany
„The multiple socket outlet has arrived today. Thank you very much for the fast shipping. My first impression is a more spatial stereo image. “ 
Siegfried S., Neumarkt., Germany
„I am very enthused by your outlet! On the first impression (haptic) I was a little disappointed. But this opinion changed immediately, after I had implemented the outlet and heard my favorite CD and LP-records. It was as if a mist had disappeared from my speakers. Everything sounds very clear, has more dynamic and much more details than before with my cheap outlet. I have been involved into that theme only marginally so far. Precisely: Last year I have participated a workshop initiated by STEREO-magazine at the high-end-fair in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt together with the company Audio Agile (multiple socket outlet plus Line-filter for some thousand Euros). The positive effect which I could detect at that time was totally reproducible with your device. The purchase is fully okay. Predicate: Recommendable, especially for people like me, who are just stepping into high end and thus have to look at the price.“ 
Michael P., Perscheid, Germany
„Today the FNL6 has arrived! I am amazed! It is really a clear improvement in sound hearable! I am enthused!!! The sound is quiter and has more atmospheric depth and volume. Overall it is more consequent, has more dynamic and the bass is more powerful and deeper. Now I am anxious to get your powercord. Herewith I order such a cord, but with a length of 1,80 meter.“
Christian A., Baden-Baden, Germany
„Hello, my equiment now sounds more transparent. I have realized that at once. Let´s see, how it will be after a while of listening. All the best, regards “
Detlef M., Laer, Germany
„After I have changed the multiple socker outlet, the whole stereo equipment sounds clearer and more transparent. I think, the investment was worth it because often people change speakers, amplifiers...since they are not satisfied with the sound. But the cables should never be disregarded. I think, for that low price a trial can be done with this outlet. Normally these outlets are offered for several hundred Euros. I can recommend everybody to do a test with these parts! Best regards and take care, Detlef!“
Detlef M., Laer, Germany
„Good afternoon, Mr. Pithan, I have connected the delivered socket outlet and the two powercords and also checked the phases of all devices. The surprise was very big: I don´t have spakers anymore! The music now is completely freed from the speaker-enclosures. They are not sensible anymore. Kari Bremnes, Rebecca Pidgeon or Sarah K. are standing, almost visible, slightly above, three meters in front of me! The absolutely best fact however is, that a bass-resonance at 45Hz, which was "definitely caused by the dimensions of the listening room and could only be avoided by expensive room-tuning-absorbers" (orig. words from dealer), has completely disappeared! I have expected more drive in the music, but what´s going on now at multichannel recordings from DVD-A or SACD (e.g. Telarc), is simply unbelievable good! Thank you very much - I will recommend you and your products! Best regards“
Reinhard S., Neuss, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, I am testing your products since some weeks now (multiple socket outlet FNL6, line-filter and powercords). I am very enthused! My equipment now sounds more spatial and the music comes off much better from the speakers. Anyway it is a big benefit in sound-performance! To complete my equipment I order an Audio-cable PSK2-L100, 2x1m (stereo-pair). Best regards,“ 
Peter O., Pforzheim, Germany
„Hello, I am very satisfied with the delivered goods! I can hear a clear improvement with your cord, the line-filter and the multiple socket outlet! “ 
Stefan S., Herschbach, Germany
„Hello, the multiple socket outlet is enthusing, with low effort I have a definite sound-improvement. Fast processing and shipping! “
Carl G., Wiesbaden, Germany
„Hello, thanks your multiple socket outlet I can´t recognize my stereo anymore, first class !!! Thank you very much! “
Ralph O., Dresden, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, the improvement in sound is clearly recognizable, excellent! Thank you very much!“
Bernd L., Poessneck, Germany
„Everything o.k. I have an amazing new sound-experience with "hunger" for more... “
Bernd M.,Berlin, Germany
„Top product, better sound is clearly to hear, I´ll buy again! “
Uwe S.,Wächtersbach, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, unfortunately I had no time to contact you earlier. The multiple socket outlet has arrived and is in use. After my first impressions it sounds excellent and makes a lot of fun. Many thanks for the pleasureable deal. Best regards!“
Einhard I., Wiesbaden, Germany
„ Hello Mr. Pithan, I couldn´t believe it, but the improvement in sound of my equipment can be heard. Specially the bass-range has more contour and the three-dimensionality has increased again - super! “
Marc S., Riedstadt, Germany
„ Hello, yesterday the looked-for socket-outlet arrived and I was very curious, how it would be. Many of my acqaintances to which I have talked before, smiled compassionate on me and said, it is only rip-off. I don´t know how it works, and what´s the difference to simple outlets. A matter of fact is that there is a hearable difference detectable after some hours of listening. I absolutely feel confident with the quality of this product! Greatings, Markus “
Markus S., Neunkirchen/Kohlhof, Germany
„TOP-item, fast shipment, absolutely necessary to test! TOP-sound “
Davud G., Cologne, Germany
„Short time ago, I have bougth the FNL6, for the money a real bargain! (after 20h of burn in). My wife also has clearly heard the difference. Now I look forward to the new ordered filter and power-cable. “
Horst B., Leverkusen, Germany
„Top-Product! I take my hat off to the producer! “
Andrew-John H., Cologne, Germany
„This part is the dot on the i in a good HiFi-combination! “
Andreas D., Haltern, Germany

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Picture of Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL4 Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL4

„Hello Mr. Pithan, here are my impressions: Compared with a cheap outlet from Hardware-store, the sound is clearer in all ranges. Also one can recognize that the poweramp stays cooler due to a purer "sinus". Thank you very much. A worthwile acquisition. “
Maik L., Berlin, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, I have running your power outlet since two days now at my equipment and I am exalted. I did not expext such an improvement for this small price - super! Many thanks and with best regards... “
Franz-Josef H., Rommerskirchen, Germany

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Picture of Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6S Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL6S

„Dear Mr. Pithan, the socket outlet arrived on thursday. After I had checked and marked the corrrect polarity at the power-cords and devices, I immediately started the sound-test. It is amazing, how much this little financial investment brought me further in musical harmony. I am very satisfied with everything. Thank you very much! Best regards “
Andreas W., Durbach, Germany
„Thank you, very good item - the bass has effectively more contour! “
Bodo B., Bad Wörishofen, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan. The modified socket-outlet is absolutely worth its money! A natural sound, very spacious in the high-range and a neutral, clean and dry bass-range. The workmanship and the instruction for finding the correct phase are also very good. Thank you for such a good and cheap socket-outlet. Anyway, I will recommend you! Best regards, “
Christian J., Herzberg, Germany

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Picture of Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL8 Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL8

„Hello, the device has the agreed properties (clear sound improvement), everything is o.k.!“ 
Georg S., Murrhardt, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, short time ago I have bought your socket outlet. I was sceptical whether I could hear a difference So I unwrapped the outlet, pulled the rack from the wall and connected everything. First I have listened to a CD and recognized only a small differenece in transparency and detail-precision. But I have to say, the listening-test wasn´t very extensive.
Since it was already late and my family wanted to watch TV, this component was the next to be tested. It is a 16 year old TV, brand Loewe Concept. My receiver is a SONY STR DB 940 surround receiver. What shall I say? It was incredible! The picture had better sharpness, the sound had lost its slight dull character, voices came much clearer. Now it´s a pleasure to listen to music-broadcasting.
Some days later I switched on my CD-player (Vincent CD 1.1) again, it is also connected via a Lapp-powercord to the multiple socket outlet. Also here the music was reproduced in the way it should be. If Hans Theessink´s tune "Bridges" was running, for the first time I had the feeling, that a drumset was playing directly in front of me. The bass-range came powerful and very clear, the soundstage was precisely "visible". Best regards,“ 
Thomas S. Hamburg, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, with my new socket outlet with filter I have much more air around the instruments. The music sounds much better now! Thus I would like to order additionally the following components...“ 
Reinhard K., Dresden, Germany
„ Fast delivery. Superb article. Even hearable at a 45.000 Dollar equipment!“ 
Johann A., Dornbirn, Austria
„Dear Mr. Pithan, after connecting the new FNL8 I could hardly believe it: The bass is deeper, has more volume, is more precisely and much clearer. Now I can hear the deepest tones of a grand piano separately. The midrange is fuller and the high range cleaner. Overall the sound is more spatial now, you can almost "touch it"! An improvement which is more than worth its money! Thank you very much! “ 
Andreas K., Niederkassel, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, here comes a short message with great compliments! Many thanks for the extremely fast shipment of the socket outlet! And additional the good instruction for finding the correct phase. Now everything is installed and I made an extended test: I am enthusiastic! I appreciate that you have attached an easy understandable instruction, the whole thing was a breeze. Now my equipment has the power supply which it deserves. I will recommend you - thank you very much! With best regards from Lake Constance, “ 
Thomas Z., Konstanz

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Bild von Filternetzleiste FNL10 Multiple socket outlet with filter FNL10

„Hello Mr. Pithan, thank you for the fast and professional handling of my order. The socket outlet is very recommendable, the product brings pure sound!“ 
Ernst F., Brake, Germany
„The product brings significant more dynamic, also super service!“ 
Martin V., St. Pölten, Austria
„Fast delivery, the part is worth it´s money, thank you! “ 
Frank W., München, Germany
„Absolutely excellent high-end product, very kind service and rapid shipping! “ 
Haiko M., Cologne, Germany
„First impression: no more hum, male voices cleaner - thank you! “ 
Erwin I., Vienna, Austria

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Picture of Multiple socket outlet with overvoltage-protection and filter UNL6 Multiple socket outlet with overvoltage-protection and filter UNL6

„ the way: I am enthused, this multiple socket outlet is TOP!!! Thank you! “
Marc H., Groß Vollstedt, Germany
„The socket outlet has already arrived and is connected. The sound is much brighter now - simply Great! Sincerely yours, thanks!
With best regards, Ian.“ 
Ian C., Puchheim, Germany
„Best product, sound enhancement as described, absolutely recommendable, by only here! “
Christian A., Baden-Baden, Germany
„Fast delivery, very high quility product, amazing sound improvement! “
Oliver M., Duisburg, Germany
„I received the socket-outlets today, first of all thanks for the fast delivery! Of course, I have connected my equipment immediately, what shall I say: The difference is evident, it seems that I have new equipment! They are worth every cent and can be absolutely recommended! “
Ricardo E., Kerpen, Germany

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Picture of Line-filter NFL50 Line-filter NFL50

„Thank you very much for this excellent filter!!! :-) This device is more than worth its money. My HMS-Energia multiple socket outlet has taken out 50% of the distortions, your line-filter nearly the remaining :-). Now I have checked for two hours ... with/without works (in combination with the HMS-Energia) really very good. Thanks again, Michael!“
Michael K., Waibstadt, Germany
„Today I have received the package with the line-filter. Since I was very curious, I have tested it immediately. I experienced a really surprise! I mean, especially in the high-frequency range there is a drastic improvement. Let´s see, what other adventures I will have. Thanks and regards from Bad Oeynhausen“ 
Thomas H., Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
„Hello, I am actually in the testing-phase with your filter. So far I have the impression of a more spatial soundstage, thus it´s a very good investment. “
Siegfried M., Brest, Germany
„I am very positive surprised by your line-filters. The resolution and acuteness in the upper midrange and brilliance-range has increased dramatically! I am exhilarated about so much sound-enhancement. Please make a quotation for another line-filter, one multiple socket outlet FNL6 and two powercords L125, each with 2 meter cord.“
Richard S.,Wernberg-Koeblitz, Germany
„Today the filter has arrived and I have connected my CD-player. It is as if somebody has taken away a curtain! The speakers themselves are hardly recognisable. Excellent!!! Thank you very much. If I am in the chips again, I will get in touch with you – I think my power amplifier would also benefit.“ Cordial greetings“ 
Michael A., Berlin, Germany
„Thank you very much again for shipping the line-filter. It really makes fun !! The best and most agreeable effect I have so far if placed in front of my preamplifier Grundig SXV 6000. Together with my Quad 405 power-amplifier and also with the multiple socket outlet I can feel a little loss of dynamic. But the imige of my TV is much more precise now!“
Michael A., Berlin, Germany
„I have received your line-filter today. Then I listened to a CD without filter. After connecting the filter in front of my SUN-multiple socket outlet I realised a sound-improvement which immediately enthused me! The music now has much more dynamic and is absolutely clean in its reproduction. It´s as if somebody has polished all instruments, much more air between the musicians! You have won a faithful customer, now I trust your information 100 %. Keep it up! Your line-filter is a dream! Thank you very much. “
Werner S., Nuernberg, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, the sound-improvement with the filter is really amazing! The "grey mist" has disappeared, the music is fresher and more agile. Step by step I will proceed to change my complete power management, first with a multiple socket outlet for my surround-equipment. Please send the version with switch! Have a nice week, until next time!“
Thomas S., Bad Abbach, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, I am testing your products since some weeks now (multiple socket outlet FNL6, line-filter and powercords). I am very enthused! My equipment now sounds more spatial and the music comes off much better from the speakers. Anyway it is a big benefit in sound-performance! To complete my equipment I order an Audio-cable PSK2-L100, 2x1m (stereo-pair). Best regards,“
Peter O., Pforzheim, Germany
„Hello, I am very satisfied with the delivered goods! I can hear a clear improvement with your cord, the line-filter and the multiple socket outlet!“ “
Stefan S., Herschbach, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, I am simply exalted! I habe connected my turntable to the filter and got rid of all that annoying hum and hiss which usually could be heard in my equipment. One can say, I have licked blood and I am interested in two more of these components. Please make a quotation. Best regards and thank you very much.“
Hans.-Juergen R., Solingen, Germany
„An amazing device from a very kind and reliable seller!“
Martin H., Karlstein, Germany
„An excellent filter, superb effect and very good design, fast shipment!“
Jürgen K., Berlin, Germany
„German handmade - I have looked inside - very good!“
Matthias T., Hannover, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, we have been very surprised by the sound improvement of this filter. Especially music now sounds more spatial, it is much more precise and has more dynamic!“ 
Michael B. Pfinztal, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, I have received the shipment and already installed the line filter. Very good! All improvements you described are gained. I think, your products have real advantages. Thank you very much! “ 
Thomas S., Ravensburg, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, what I have detected was a higher spatial performance on the one side and on the other side a superb improvement if I connected my tv-set and radio to the filter. “ 
Per K., Cologne, Germany
„Super fast delivery, good quality, the sound has really improved! “ 
Björn S., Bad Feilnbach, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, please send me the filter in black. I already have bought two of them in your webshop and I am very satisfied. My digital mixer was hissing extremely if the volume-control was turned louder. Plugged into your filter, there are absolutely no noise and no distortions. Even with headphones checked at fully opened volume-control!“ 
Alexander B., Münster, Germany

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Picture of Double line filter NFL100 Double line filter NFL100
„Everything is very good, as usual. The article fulfills all promises it has given! “ 
Uwe B., Berlin, Germany
„Mr. Pithan, your double-filter brings a super sound-improvement, everything is as you promised!“ 
Karl-Heinz W., Herten, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan! After we moved into our new home, I had time to test your filter. All over all the resolution is better, the music sounds more spatial. It´s really a good product, I will recommend it to my friends.“ 
Lars L., Detmold, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, I just want to thank you for your prompt and professional service. The filter is great! Sincerely, Igor.“ 
Igor P., Ljubljana, Slovenia
„Hello Mr. Pithan, we couldn´t hear much so far, but after connecting your filter the music is clearer, has more structure and is more precise. I would buy it again and need another one for my second equipment. It´s like a thin curtain has fallen, the sound is more beautiful now. I think it will even improve in future because the filter has to be burned in....“ 
Ulrich A., Burgwedel, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, the filter has arrived yesterday, many thanks. I have connected it immediately and was really surprised from the result. The plus in resolution and dynamic is enormous. Furthermore, the bass range is recognizable more precise and has more pressure!“ 
Gerhard B., Niederkassel, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, today I have received the filter and of course, I have diligently tested it. First of all, the purchase was worthwile. Here comes my little report: The first socket I have tested with my receiver (Sony STR-DE 497) Result: Improvement in the bass-range and a more spatial sound, unfortunately no improvement in the high-range, but one can not have all. But overall it was a better soundstage. The second socket I have connected to the CD-player (Pioneer DV 470) Result: Almost identically to the Receiver. Since my equipment belongs to the entry-level, I am fully satisfied with the gained results. I can recommend the double-filter without restrictions. With best regards “ 
Andreas R., Burgdorf, Germany
„I have connected the filter yesterday, it is hard to believe how much the sound has improved! Specially the three-dimensional reproduction is dramatically better now. While music before came simply said only out of the speakers, the music now spreads over the entire base between the speakers and you can point exactly on the instruments an singers. Many thanks for this exiting equipment!“ 
Friedjof R., Witten, Germany
„ Dear Mr. Pithan, many thanks for the filter. I have tested it yesterday evening and I was pleasant surprised, what this piece does with the music. The resolution in enormous, the bass is more precise and the dynamic is considerably better. I will order again in your shop, next time the powercords will be exchanged.“
Jonatan D., Cologne, Germany;
„ Hello Mr. Pithan, The filter has arrived and is o.k. Now I have connnected everything and the mono-amps run fantastic. The Design is really outstanding, many thanks again. Regards“
Bodo J., Duisburg, Germany

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Picture of Termination Cinchplug 75 Ohms ST 75 Termination Cinchplug 75 Ohms ST 75

„Hello Mr. Pithan! Today the plug arrived. Thanks a lot for the fast shipment. I have to acknowledge that I was very amazed about the clear effect and sound enhancement after fixing the plug. I had already read in the HiFi-magazines Stereo and Stereoplay, that there is sleeping potential at CD-playern, so I expected a small improvement in sound. But it was much bigger and my sound now is perfect! My player (Cyrus CD8 + PSX-R) plays so much more "naturally" and with more dynamic. I have never expected this and can recommend this product to everybody! “
Heiko N., Lauchheim, Germany
„I bought the cinchplug from you and fixed it at once to my CD-player. I can say, the difference is hearable in a positive way! regards “
Lodewikus G., Schwalmtal, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, the termination-plug has arrived safely. I am really enthused about the improvement in sound!“
Gerhard H., Hamburg, Germany
„I am very positive surprised about the effect of this plug!“
Darius B., Koblenz, Germany
„The plug is very effective!“
Michael P., Puchheim, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, my Cyrus Quattro CD-player now sounds more precicely! Thank you also for the fast delivery. “
Markus L., Vienna, Austria
„Everything o.k. many thanks! A refreshed soundstage for only 10 Euro, spectacular!“
Hans de V., Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
„Hello, there is a enormous improvement in sound with this plug!!! Many thanks!“
Olaf B., Demmin, Germany
„ Hello Mr. Pithan, thank you very much for this extraordinary plug ! I never thought, that this plug is so super! Many thanks again! Greetings from Hannover “
Michael S., Hannover, Germany
„Absolutely genious, really a great hearable sound-improvement - WOW!!!!“
Frank B., Thedinghausen, Germany

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Picture of Audio-cable PSK2-L100 Audio-cable PSK2-L100

„Thank you very much for shipping the cinchcables. You cable - respect - sounds immaculate and very clean. It definitely outmatches my Straight Wire for 100 EUR, keep at it! Thank you very much, so long!“
Werner S.,Nuernberg, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, the cinchplugs at your audio-cable PSK2 are very professional and also the sound of the cable has convinced me after burn-in time. It is equal or even better if compared with more expensive products! “
Stefan S., Herschbach, Germany
„Dear Mr. Pithan, the sent audio-cable is already working at my equipment to my full satisfaction. It was an absolutely profitable investment, super price combined with extraordinary performance. Also mechanically by its excellent plugs, the cable is a best-buy. In every respect recommendable, many thanks!“
Jan S.,Dortmund, Germany
„I like to order another two pairs of your audio-cable in standard-length. My equipment sounds very clear, airy and rich of details. The stereo-soundstage is also excellent.“
Niels S.,Bremen, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, thank you very much for the cable. Even without burn-in a remarkable difference is immediately detectable. Your products are excellent!“
Andreas K.,Niederkassel, Germany
„Hello Mr. Pithan, since I made quite good experiences with your products last year, (specially with the cinch-cabel PSK2-L100, which is excellent because of its clear and live-like sound for tuner and tape-deck), I have some questions concerning your speaker cable.“
Niels S.,Bremen, Germany
„ Hello Mr. Pithan, a few days ago I got your Cinch-cables and I am very pleased about the sound-advantage!!! “
Johannes S., Dresden, Germany

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Picture of speaker-cable LS300 Speaker-cable LS300

„Dear Mr. Pithan, now, after testing your speaker-cable and after detecting a clear improvement, I like to order another one for my center-speaker.“
Thomas B.,Karlsruhe, Germany
„ the way, the speaker-cables you recently sent me are first class (after solving the connection-problems at my amp.)!!! “ 
Stefan G., Erdweg, Germany.

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