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For better estimation of your wishes and needs in the future, we would appreciate to know your opinion. Please take 3 minutes time to answer the following questions and send the form with the "Submit" - button!

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How old are you?

What sex do you have?


What is your family status?


What is your profession? (group).

  out of work   

What kind of music do you prefer? (multiple answers possible).

  Classical music   
  Funk / Soul   
  Rock & Pop   
  Singer / Songwriter   
  other, which?      

How long do you listen to music per week?

  1 to 5 hours   
  6 to 10 hours   
  11 to 15 hours    
  more than 15 hours   

Do you have the intention to buy any new or used HiFi-component within the next six month?
If yes, what exactly? (multiple answers possible).

  Speaker (stereo)
  Speaker (surround)
  Accessories, if yes, what exactly?        
  Other component, if yes, what exactly? 

  No, nothing at the moment.

Do you read any HiFi-magazine at regular intervals?

  If yes, which magazine(s)?  
  No, I don´t read any HiFi-magazine

How did you get attention to our website?

  search engine   
  friends / acquaintances   
  newspaper / magazine   
  link from other website   
  other source, which?      

How do you estimate the overall performance of our website?

  very good   
  could be better   
  not sufficient   
  absolutely unsatisfactory   

Which area of our website did you like most?

Which area of our website displeased most?

Questions / Comments / Suggestions for improvement:


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