Why should I tune my HiFi-equipment?

 What is the benefit of tuning? 

Every HiFi-equipment can sound better! We exclusivly offer accessories which is State Of The Art, was developed under musically aspects and tested by multiple independent listeners which designated our products as recommendable. Look also at Opinions. The prices are generally below those of our competitors! Base of all cords used e.g. in our power-bars and -filters is the type Oilflex Classic 110 CY 3G2,5 which is manufactured exclusively at the renowned german company Lapp. This cord has an excellent reputation among the High-End-audience. The mains phase is indicated on all devices. Correct positioning of power-plugs normally results in clearer sound-performance. Look also at Helpful Hints. Thus you can be sure that with purchasing our products, your existing HiFi-equipment will be revalued in any case. Of course this equipment can´t conjure a top class stereo-chain out of a combination of poor components. Improvements can be different, depending on what kind of device is affected.

 Our special advantage is flexibility! 

An example: If you need other cordlength than the specified, this is no problem, let us know! We manufacture without or with a small surcharge according to your wishes. We can terminate cords with plugs for nearly every country. Please feel free to ask!

 How is the current situation on the audio-market? 

We have to consider some matters of fact: The market of High-Fidelity-equipment is growing overproportianal. We can find very curious things, whose profit can´t be proven - neither technical nor by hearing. Unfortunatelly it can be recognized more and more, that many members of the so called "high-end-community" blindly trust any test-reports, and for that reason is prepossessed in favour of the product. Besides they are willing to spend horrible sums without direct comparison. At home often disillusionment takes place and the question of sense of the new bought equipment rises inevitably. The only person which has the benefit is in many cases the seller of the often useless accessories.